Many of us limit ourselves with false beliefs about our intelligence, our talents, or other abilities. But the truth is, you don’t have to be born a genius in order to succeed. You just need to cultivate your individual abilities and the motivation to leverage and apply them. To do so, just identify your passion and purpose and use them to push you forward. And then, it’s a matter of choosing the most suitable among the many great methods of learning, focusing, memorizing, reading and thinking. That will make your potential truly limitless. Especially if you marry your intelligence, our talents, or other abilities with passion and purpose.

The words “passion” and “purpose” are often used interchangeably. Many use them to talk about something that ignites a fire within them, something they love doing more than anything else. 

But, in fact, passion and purpose are entirely different. Passion is something internal. It lies in your inner core; it is buried beneath other people’s expectations or assumptions about you. However, purpose, is directed at what’s around you. It’s something you can share or contribute to the world. 

For example, you might have a passion for cooking. But, possibly, your purpose is to teach cooking to others. 

If you want to achieve limitless motivation and energy, it’s essential to identify your passion, and then use it to find your purpose. They are the building blocks of success. They are also the seeds of inspired action.

Motivate yourself to change your behavior and your success by defining passion and your purpose. Then, go make a ruckus with both.

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